Preparing for you photoshoot, tips on how to prep before a shoot.

Preparing for you photoshoot, tips on how to prep before a shoot.


If you’ve never had you photo taken professionally before, knowing how to prepare for this can seem a bit daunting. Do not fear we’ve got you covered. At Paulfolio Photography we believe that the experience starts from the first time you contact and book a shoot with you. We’re on hand to help you every step of the way. We want you to feel excited about every aspect of your shoot and not to worry about what do I bring, what do I do with my hair makeup etc. This blog will cover some of the things we go over in our consultation and help you get a better idea of how easy preparing for a shoot with paulfolio photography really is.



We’ll start with what do you bring clothes wise. Alot of women I know say that have no clothes to wear. When in fact they have a whole wardrobe full of clothes. When you bring closes to a photoshoot these don’t have to be clothes that you would wear out. You may have bought something and then never had the guts to wear it out, or bought the perfect dress but it just won’t fit. In a photoshoot this doesn’t really matter. No one is going to see the fact that the dress didn’t do up, we can use clips, all they will see is the perfect finished image. Those dresses that you though would be great but turned out to be a little on the short side to wear out, well at a photoshoot its a safe place to get great images of the dress you love but not feel self conscious of yourself. Essentially its my role to make you look and feel fabulous!



Do I or don’t I get a spray tan before a photoshoot? We believe that if this is something you do as a regular part of your life then yes you should get a spray tan a couple of days before the shoot. However if you have never had a spray tan, then don’t worry come as you are.

Hair Dye

Make sure if you dye your hair that you do this a week before coming to a shoot. Theres nothing worse than having a great time, capturing great images only for your roots to look awful in the images. We want to capture the best you we can, so lets make sure these things are done ready for your shoot.


Hair & Makeup

We are very honoured to have a very talented Hair and Makeup stylist on site ready to work with you to give you outstanding hair and makeup for the shoot. But this shoot is about you and so we want to make sure that the styles we do are what you want. Have a think about your hair and what you might want it to look like before the shoot.

Makeup we keep very natural and will work with your skin colour to produce beautiful looks.

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