Portraits at Paulfolio Products

Portraits at Paulfolio Products

We put our heart and soul into everything that we produce, we love to make products that out customers will love as much as we do.

When you see your work in print, on a canvas in a folio box it gives us a joy like no other. We want you to all experience the joy of seeing your images displayed in these beautiful ways.

In this blog I want to show you all of the different products that we have to offer.

Folio Boxes

Folio boxes are beautiful hand made presentation boxes that can showcase up to 30 beautiful mounted prints. These can come in a whole selection of different finishes and styles. These boxes are supplied from our Northern Island supplier makes these beautiful vegan friendly boxes to order.

Image source 3xm Solutions

Image source 3xm Solutions

Framed Artwork

There nothing better than hanging a beautifully framed bespoke artwork on your wall at home. We work with UK suppliers to produce beautifully bespoke artwork for our customers. We have options from simple modern frames to more vintage and classic.

framed work.jpg

Heirloom Albums

After all is said and done from any kind of shoot the things we look back upon are the photo’s from your shoot. We know that every person is different, so we have many options for you to choose from for our albums, making sure these are all of the highest quality.

Screenshot 2019-02-04 at 07.51.22.png

Art Blocks

Art blocks are a beautiful alternative to the traditional canvas prints that most people know. Art blocks are beautiful high resolution images printed directly onto wooden blocks ready for hanging straight away. These come in a beautiful presentation box.


Using a local canvas printer we are able to make sure that we are getting products of the highest quality. Our canvas’ come ready to hand on the wall.

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